Driveway Cleaning Altrincham, Hale and Bowdon

Sale Exterior Cleaning provides professional driveway cleaning in Altrincham, Hale, Bowdon and surrounding areas. We are always happy to provide advice and a free quote for your drive, patio and paths.

Driveway Cleaning Altrincham

driveway cleaning Altrincham
Block paving

The driveway image to the right is a recent cleaning project in Altrincham. This is concrete block paving known as Drivesett Tegula. For this project we power washed the surface and then waited until the surface was bone dry. This is essential because we must apply a special type of extra dry sand which will re-fill the very thin joints. This sand is known as kiln dried sand.

Altrincham Driveway Cleaning Extras

Once the surface and joints were completely dry we re-sanded the paving. On this occasion the sand was able to fill the joints without a compactor. When needed we will use a compactor to vibrate the surface to make sure the sand fills the joints on your driveway.

Next, two coats of quality acrylic sealer were applied. Applying a sealant at this stage is part of our service and means that dirt will find it more difficult to stick to your block paving or any other type of driveway. It will also keep it water-sealed, so that less water gets through the joints, which could cause dips in the future. Most importantly the sealer will help prevent moss and algae growth to prevent the surface becoming slippery.

After Care for Your Driveway

Sale Exterior Cleaning guarantees that you will be delighted with the new look of your driveway. We will also give you a guarantee on how long it will keep clean, usually at least a few years.

Adding a regular maintenance program after cleaning will help you preserve your paving’s surface resulting in a cleaner driveway or patio for longer. We sell fungicidal treatments for the DIYer.

You will not need to re-apply a sealer for a long time after we have cleaned your driveway, but we will advise on the best aftercare depending on your type of driveway surface and it’s situation e.g. how old it is and how likely it is to gather dirt and moss.

Driveway Cleaning Hale

concrete cleaning in Altrincham, Hale
Pattern imprinted concrete

The image to the left shows a pattern imprinted concrete driveway which we recently cleaned in Hale Barns. As you can see, it looks almost new again. This driveway was actually laid 9 years ago. It had faded to a very dull colour and didn’t look attractive anymore.

We used our rotary pressure washer to clean the surface without damaging the face of the concrete. Then we allowed the driveway to dry, before adding a fungicidal wash. This removes any fungus spores. Next we applied a xylene solvent before applying a double coating of acrylic sealer with ant-slip.

The sealers can be purchased in a matt or glossy finish. They can also include a colour tint, so if you have a dull grey surface you could always add a hint of a new colour. This will make the neighbours think you have had the whole driveway replaced even though a driveway cleaning process has only been carried out. So return your imprinted concrete back to new with our restoration service.

Driveway and Patio Cleaning Bowdon

Natural stone paving cleaning in Bowden, Altrincham
Natural stone paving

The image to the right shows the patio of a cleaning project we recently carried out in Bowdon. This included an Indian stone patio and driveway. Natural stone paving is usually very porous. This means it attracts dirt and algae very easily.

As usual we carefully pressure wash the area, taking care not to disturb the grouting between the joints. When we do disturb grout, or when it has naturally eroded, we can replace it. We are affiliated with Sale Fencing and Surfacing Company who are one of the best and longest running driveway companies in south Manchester. Usually we can take care of minor repairs but when some major work is required we can always call on them for help.

On this job we were able to clean the driveway and patio with excellent results. Once the work was carried out, we applied a high quality natural stone sealant. This waterproof sealer will help to stop future moss and algae growth.

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