Driveway Cleaning in Cheadle, Gatley and Heald Green

We offer driveway cleaning in Cheadle, Gatley and Heald Green. Over the years we have carried out plenty of driveway cleaning jobs in these areas. We have also ventured farther afield to other parts of Stockport and Cheshire. As well as driveway cleaning we have also cleaned many paths and patios in these areas. For an overview of how we clean different surfaces visit the main driveway cleaning in Cheshire page. Below you will find some examples of recent work carried out in these areas.

Driveway Cleaning in Cheadle

We have performed driveway cleaning in Cheadle many times over the many years we have been active. As a well established company we rely on previous customers for much of our work, whether it be 5 years later or if they have moved house.

Below is a block paved driveway which was cleaned by us a while back. As usual we cleaned the surface with our high end steam cleaner, because pressure washing will take the face off block paving. Then we re-sanded the joints with kiln dried sand. Finally, we applied a sealer to keep the driveway clean looking for years to come.

driveway cleaning Cheadle
Block paved driveway cleaning Cheadle

The patio cleaning project pictured below in Cheadle was completed late autumn 2012 and included a massive area of standard pressed paving. The customer was on a budget so simply wanted us to pressure wash the areas and treat with fungicidal wash. The total cleaning process made an amazing difference from before to after.

We have included the before and after photo for this project because there was such a massive change in appearance. You can see more before and after photos on our Photos page.


patio and driveway cleaning Cheadle
completed driveway cleaning for block paving in Cheadle

The Driveway Cleaning and Sealing Service

Our driveway cleaning service includes minor repairs, such as grouting missing parts of a paved surface, re-filling block paving joints and we can even fix dips causing puddles on your driveway.

Once we have cleaned your surface with a professional steam cleaner (which helps preserve your concrete), we wait for a dry day and then apply a driveway sealer. This ensures that you will not need to call us again for a long time.

Our driveway sealants help prevent dirt sticking to your concrete. They protect the surface from the elements, such as ice which can cause cracks or damp areas under trees which can lead to moss. We use sealers with herbicidal ingredients to stop moss and algae growth which can cause slippery surfaces.

Different surfaces use different sealers e.g. we use coloured ones on pattern imprinted concrete driveways than on natural stone paved driveway and specialist block paving sealers for block paved driveways. If you require your patio or driveway cleaning in Cheadle please get in touch with us on 0161 969 7222.


Driveway Cleaning in Heald Green

driveway cleaning Heald Green
Driveline block paving

The image to the right is a driveway we restored in spring 2013 in Heald Green. This surface is called block paving and is very popular. The colour is called brindle which is a mix of red and grey. This particular driveway was covered in moss which had ruined the appearance.

We begun by pressure washing the surface with our rotary washer. This is a high powered machine which gets every last bit of dirt and moss off concrete surfaces. We always tell our customers not to get into the habit of using cheap power washers as they need to be used often without the same effect. Our driveway cleaning service in Heald Green has a huge effect on the look of paving.

After cleaning we left the job for a day. This is to let it dry properly. The next day we returned to re-sand the joints. The surface was dry but the joints were still slightly damp, so we needed to use a vibrating plate to ensure that the new sand completely filled the joints. Next we brushed off any excess sand from the surface and applied a sealant. We can also advise on easy self maintenance.

Driveway Cleaning in Gatley


driveway cleaning Gatley
Pattern imprinted concrete

This driveway cleaning project took place in Gatley mid 2013. The surface is pattern imprinted concrete. This is a little more challenging to properly restore because it needs specialist coatings to protect the concrete and bring out the original or a new colour.

We cleaned off the surface with our power washer, then applied a fungicidal treatment. Next came the coating which included a grey dye to enhance the faded colour. It is important not to clean pattern imprinted concrete without applying a fresh coating otherwise you will just be wearing away the existing finish. Driveway cleaning in Gatley has never been more professional!


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