Moss removal

Moss removal in Manchester

We are specialists in total moss removal from all hard exterior surfaces. This includes tiled roofs, driveways and walls. Moss can be very unsightly and damaging to outside surfaces. Large amounts of moss can be pressure on roof tiles for example, especially after it has rained and the moss balls have soaked up water. Also when it freezes and thaws this can lead to cracked tiles. As well as removing moss we also remove algae and lichens which generally grow alongside moss.


This roof in Cheshire was covered in moss and then removed with great after effects.

Moss generally grows in damp areas and near overhanging trees. So if you want to completely eradicate the problem making sure there are no trees very close will help. Of course the best solution is to have your roof, driveway or wall cleaned and treated by ourselves to rid there are from any fungi and spores fungi.

Moss removal in Cheshire

Sale Exterior offers its moss removal services around north Cheshire whereby we have completed many projects always leaving the customer amazed at the difference. In terms of cleaning moss and dirt from roofs a lot of people think the only option is to scrape the moss off. This is not the only option and is not the best. The reason why is that although the obvious moss ball will be removed the spores will be left behind and will grow again quite soon. A better option is to wash the roof at the correct pressure and then treat with strong fungicidal wash to eliminate any remaining spores. Also you will have lovely clean tiles too.

driveway cleaning Heald Green
Driveline block paving

An example of moss removal having been taken place on block paving in Manchester by Sale Exterior leaving a stunning result.

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