Roof Cleaning Cost

Roof Cleaning Cost

roof cleaning costsThe cost for cleaning a roof will depend on the size & layout of an individual property. We offer our service around Manchester and this includes washing the roof tiles, treating with fungicidal wash & replacing damaged tiles & pointing. Application of a water resistant roof tile sealer is also available for longer term protection.

Different types of roof tiles can also effect the roof cleaning cost and the length of time it takes for a professional roof clean to be carried out. For instance clay tiles can be very slippery which makes the job tougher to undertake. Also the amount of moss on the roof has to be taken into consideration. For example a roof absolutely covered with moss balls & lichen will take longer to remove these unsightly growths than a roof of the same size with less moss etc.

Roof cleaning prices from Sale Exterior

Roof coating in Stockport plus cleaningThe price Sale Exterior charges for cleaning/treating a roof starts from £695 and is offered in the Manchester and Cheshire ares. As previously explained the quote will depend on different factors. Whatever the size of job we will carry out our works to the highest of standards and truly feel we offer excellent value for money. We work locally and do not have salesmen which enables us to offer cheaper prices than a lot of other company’s in the same sector. I hope we have given you a good insight into roof cleaning cost.

We offer our roof cleaning services throughout Manchester and Cheshire.

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