Roof Cleaning in Altrincham, Hale and Bowdon

We provide roof cleaning in Hale, Bowdon and Altrincham. We also cover all surrounding areas in South Manchester. Our restoration service also includes applying protection to your roof tiles to protect them from the elements and stop dirt from sticking to them as easily in future. Roof sealants are available for added protection after your roof has been cleaned.

Roof Cleaning in Hale and Altrincham

The two images you can see are before and after photos of a recent roof cleaning project in between Hale Barns and Altrincham. As you can see we used a scaffold tower to reach the roof safely. Once we begin the cleaning process we follow proper safety regulations to ensure that there is no risk of injury. Our experienced cleaners are very careful not to harm guttering or dislodge any tiles.

The first step is to pressure wash the roof tiles. As you can see in the before photo, the tiles at this house were faded and a horrible dull colour. This is how most people’s roof look after 10 years. Our professional pressure washer will blast away years worth of dirt and moss. Lots of grime and algae is removed in the roof cleaning process.

Once the area is free from any dirt, we apply a fungicidal wash. At this house in Altrincham we managed to apply the wash on the same day as the pressure cleaning. This removes any remaining fungi spores and completes the roof cleaning part of our job.

Next we check for broken tiles. We replace any which are damaged and re-point in any needed areas. You may notice that one tile had recently been replaced on this roof. A local roofing company had carried out this repair prior to us coming and it was them that recommended us to the customer. So on this project we didn’t have any roof tiles to replace.

The following morning we applied a clear sealant to the roof. We use a waterproof sealer called Hydroblock which protects the tiles in various ways. In a nutshell it helps to preserve the colour, stops dirt from sticking and prevents moss growth.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote for roof cleaning in Altrincham or Hale. We offer very competitive prices, however roof cleaning can be a large undertaking, so we also offer gutter cleaning in Altrincham and approximately a 10 mile radius in the region. This is a much more affordable option if you have clogged pipes and gutters.

Roof Cleaning in Bowdon

roof cleaning Bowden and coatingWe carried out this roof cleaning and coating in Bowdon mid 2013. The roof was suffering from salt efflorescence which is white salt staining. This usually only occurs on fairly new roofs but this homeowner was one of the few who it had been a lingering problem for. One of the benefits of our sealer is that it provides a coating which fights efflorescence, so we were delighted to take on this job.

The roof was also covered in dirt so it looked doubly unattractive. We carefully cleaned all of the roof tiles with our power washing machine. Then we applied the fungicidal wash. Finally we applied the coating to prevent efflorescence and protect from dirt sticking so easily in future.

This roof clean was not the steepest and it is under trees which meant that dirt and grime was sticking to it more than usual. We are delighted with the outcome and the almost-new appearance is very much appreciated by the homeowner in Bowdon. He was also reassured that our full restoration service, rather than just roof cleaning, will protect the tiles and maintain the appearance for many years to come.

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