Roof cleaning in Chorlton, Didsbury and Wythenshawe

Roof cleaning in Chorlton

We have completed many roof cleaning tasks in the Chorlton area of Manchester. Our process involves a thorough pressure wash of all roof tiles making sure all moss and pollutants are removed. Next we clear gutters and clean u very efficiently disposing of moss ourselves. A fungicide is then sprayed onto the entire roof which destroys any spores of algae and moss hat may remain.


This clay tiled roof in Chorlton has been restored back to like new again plus we installed bird protection spikes to stop all the horrible bird muck. he customer was very happy with our works and said she would happily use us again.

Roof cleaning in Didsbury

In Didsbury many roof cleaning jobs have been undertaken by Sale Exterior. After the cleaning process is complete we then replace all broken or missing tiles. This whether there be 1 or 100. Also the ridge tiles and gable ends etc. are checked and re-pointed where necessary to ensure the soundness of tiles and cement works. So if you need moss removal and minor repairs carrying out we can provide a highly professional service for you in the Didsbury area.

Altrincham and Hale roof cleaning
Roof coating in Altrincham and Hale

Roof cleaning in Wythenshawe

Being based in Sale we have been asked to provide roof cleaning works in Wythenshawe whereby we have left customers very satisfied with our services. After cleaning and minor repairs have been carried out on your roof we can apply a weatherproof roof tile coating. This comes in transparent form. The photos above show the roof after being coated in red brown colour. A huge difference is obvious to see and years of waterproof protection will exist on the roof tiles helping to keep unsightly moss and fungi at bay.

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