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Roof cleaning in Lymm and Appleton

Roof cleaning Lymm

Sale Exterior provide high quailty roof cleaning in the Lymm area. The works involved cleaning and restoring customers tiled roofs with amazing differences from before to after. Our works are completed by experienced roofers using professional equipment.DSC_0499

The first step is to turbo wash your roof removing all moss and grime etc. Next a fungicidal wash is applied to the roof surface to eliminate any fungi spores. After cleaning is complete any necessary repairs are carried out. Finally you can chose to have your roof sealed with a clear coating for added protection. Examples of our roof cleaning can be provided from areas such as Lymm, Appleton or Thelwall.

Roof cleaning Appleton

We have also undertaken numerous roof cleaning jobs in Appleton whereby we have left our valued customers extremely satisfied. Free no obligation surveys and quotes can be supplied for roof cleaning in Lymm and Appleton. We will endeavor to leave your roof looking as clean as possible and with you happy to recommend us.

Roof Cleaning Cheshire and Manchester is often not a cheap job. There are many companies that overcharge because they know this is not something that anyone can do. Special equipment and safety gear is needed, it is simply too expensive and dangerous to attempt alone. Our service is affordable and high quality. We offer other cleaning and restoration services like driveways and walls, so we want to ensure you are a happy customer by doing a great job at a fair price.

For a free roof cleaning quote in or around Lymm please call us on 0161 969 7222.