Roof cleaning in Wilmslow and Mobberley

Roof Cleaning Wilmslow

Sale Exterior Cleaning have completed many jobs big and small roof cleaning in Wilmslow area of Cheshire. Our customers have always been very pleased with our friendly team and impressed with our level of cleaning and sealer application services.

The roof cleaning service consists of pressure washing the tiled roof areas, treating with fungicidal wash and carrying out minor repairs by a professional roofer. References can always be supplied by one of our happy customers, as we have done a lot of roof cleaning in Wilmslow. Just to let you know just how efficient our roof cleaning is for your peace of mind

Before and After Roof Cleaning Wilmslow

The below photos show a typical roof, with dirt and moss build up. Once we have cleaned the roof tiles with our pressure washer, we make sure the tiles are all still properly fitted. If repairs are required for a broken tile or some grouting needs re-doing, this is all part of the service.

roof cleaning Wilmslow
Cleaned and sealed to make it look new again
before roof cleaning Wilmslow
Before we cleaned the roof

Why Choose us for Your Roof Cleaning in Wilmslow?

We adhere to all British Standard Safety Regulations and we are fully insured. Our scaffolding is top grade and we soon get it up. Most jobs are completed in 2 days, so you can expect minimal disturbance. We are very clean and tidy and make sure that if any dirt and moss splashes onto your property, we clean it thoroughly.

Once cleaned we let the tiles dry out then apply a sealant. This protects the roof from frost and helps to keep dirt off in future. The sealants naturally seal the roof tiles so that dirt and moss is less likely to stick. We use a fungicidal wash to kill off any remnants of moss.

The sealer can be coloured and this gives you the chance to try something different. Take a look below for an example of a customer who wanted a darker roof.

roof cleaning Wilmslow
Gutter Roof Cleaning in Wilmslow and Surrounding Areas

If your gutters are blocked we can also carry out a full gutter cleaning service whilst cleaning your roof. It makes sense to do both at the same time as it saves us a journey. Therefore, you will find the extra price for gutter cleaning is very reasonable.

Roof cleaning in Mobberley and more

We also operate our roof services around the Mobberley and the surrounding area, where we are able to offer very competitive prices for roof cleaning due to our HQ being so close.

Alongside our standard clean, treat and repair service; we usually apply a waterproof sealant to the roof tiles. This will provide long term protection against future fungi growth.

clean and waterproof roof tiles
clean and waterproof roof tiles

The overall benefits of having your roof cleaned and repaired are:

  • Clean roof free from moss and dirt
  • Tiles and cement works left secure
  • Protective coating on the tiles which will keep your roof looking great for many years!

More info on our roof cleaning services can be found by clicking here to take you to our main page. Also we clean and restore driveways, patios, paths and walls. For a free roof cleaning quote in Wilmslow, Mobberley or surrounding areas of Cheshire please don’t hesitate to contact Sale Exterior on 0161 969 7222.