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Roof Cleaning in Poynton and Macclesfield

Sale Exterior Cleaning specialise in the renovation of mossy roofs. This page will explain in more detail exactly what you can expect from our roof cleaning services in the Poynton and Macclesfield areas of Cheshire.

Roof Cleaning in Poynton

There are many roofs in Poynton which would and have benefited from our professional cleaning service. We have numerous examples in Poynton whereby our work speaks for itself. References can always be provided by our fully satisfied customers.

roof cleaning Bowden and coating

The roof above in Poynton shows the marvellous after effects of our roof cleaning and restoration. This garage roof was very mossy and dull before but is now moss free, clean and in good condition after minor repaires were also carried out.

Roof Cleaning in Macclesfield

Being based in Cheshire we have carried out lots of roof cleaning jobs in the borough of Macclesfield with always great results. Our service consists of presure washing the tiles to leave them absolutely clean and free from algae, moss and lichens. Next we apply high grade fungicidal wash to eliminate any remaing spores of fungi. After the clean up operation is complete any broken tiles, bad pointing or damaged lead flashing will be rectified by Sale Exterior within the agreed price. This service will leave your roof looking great for years to come.

roof cleaned

The above roof was cleaned and treated in Macclesfield, Cheshire by ourselves. The moss beforehand was incredible so on this particular job we obtained a skip to despose of all the moss effectively.

If you would like a free quote to have your roof cleaned and checked over by professional roofers based in Cheshire please don’t hesitate to contact Sale Exterior Cleaning on 0161 969 7222. You can find more info by clicking here to take you to our main roof cleaning page.