Driveway Cleaning Cheshire

We provide professional driveway cleaning in Cheshire and Manchester! Read below to see what types of surfaces we can clean for.

 Driveway Cleaning in Cheshire and Manchester – Our Service List

Block Paving Cleaning

Our block paving cleaning service will transform your old or weed infested driveway back to a glorious as new condition!
  • Initially, we deep clean your paving with our commercial flat surface rotary washer removing all moss, weeds and grime
  • Next, we apply high strength fungicidal wash to eliminate any remaining moss and algae spores
  • Finally, on a dry day, we re-sand the joints with kiln-dried sand to keep a bond between the blocks and finish the new look!

driveway cleaning Cheshire

Imprinted Concrete Cleaning

Patten imprinted concrete (PIC) is the one type of paving that is sealed originally when laid and should be re-sealed every 2 to 3 years to keep that stunning new look!
  • First of all, a thorough pressure wash of the driveway or patio is undertaken to remove any dirt and algae
  • We then apply fungicidal wash to kill off any remaining fungi spores
  • If cleaning your concrete isn’t enough we can also apply a durable water repellent sealer to the surface

driveway cleaning service in Cheshire

Natural Stone Cleaning

We can restore the beautiful colours back into your Indian or York stone paving whilst protecting the surface with specialist natural stone sealer!
  • The surface is given a thorough pressure wash using our hi-tech rotary washer removing all algae and grime
  • Next, we apply fungicidal wash to destroy any hardy algae spores that may still be present
  • We can re-point your paving joints to a high standard and relay any loose flags when cleaning is complete to ensure structural soundness
  • A high-quality natural stone sealer is also available to enhance and preserve your paving for longer

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Decorative Flag Cleaning

Concrete decorative/ornamental flags are returned to their former glory by our thorough cleaning and restoration techniques!
  • Our initial job is to pressure wash your paving removing all grime, moss and algae
  • Fungicidal wash is then applied to eliminate any fungi spores that may remain
  • Re-pointing the joints or fully grouting and re-laying loose slabs can be completed to an excellent standard
  • We can also apply a water repellent sealer to your concrete flagging should you choose us to do so

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All applications of sealer come with an 18 month no flaking/peeling guarantee!

Low cost, high-quality patio and driveway cleaning in Cheshire and Manchester!

Other types of surfacing such as decking, flagging, tarmac and brick walls can be pressure washed and treated by Sale Exterior Cleaning. Minor repairs such as re-pointing, grouting and fixing dislodged patches of paving are undertaken to a high standard.

We operate across north Cheshire plus the whole of south Manchester. Click our More pages link at the bottom of this page to see example jobs we have carried out in specific areas of Cheshire and Manchester, or the Photos option above for before and after comparisons from many jobs.

Commercial pressure washing and restoration

We welcome commercial cleaning jobs such as the exterior surfaces of office blocks, retail parks, industrial areas, warehouses and shops. We have full Public Liability and Employee Insurance in place. For a free quote or advice please do not hesitate to contact us on either 0161 969 7222 or 0787 231 6330.

We can offer advice on how to really keep on top of your newly cleaned paving with easy occasional maintenance! Sale Exterior also sells fungicidal wash to the DIYer.

With our Cheshire and Manchester driveway cleaning services you will have peace of mind that the highest standards of workmanship are carried out using commercial grade petrol pressure washers or steam cleaners and fungicidal cleaning products. This combination will leave your paving looking virtually like new again!

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