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Driveway cleaning in Stretford, Chorlton and Didsbury

Driveway cleaning in Stretford

At Sale Exterior we offer our driveway cleaning services in and around Stretford. We have carried out many driveway and patio cleaning jobs in Stretford and have always left the customer very pleased with our workmanship. In the case of block paving our process consists of pressure washing with a professional flat surface rotary washer removing all weeds, moss and grime. Next a strong fungicidal wash is applied to sanitise the paving. This is followed by the joints being re-sanded on a dry day.

driveway paving afterA block paved driveway we made to look like new again!

Driveway cleaning in Chorlton

We also operate our driveway cleaning service in the Chorlton area of Manchester. Returning to the block paving process, after cleaning is complete we return on a dry day to re-sand the joints with kiln-dried jointing sand. This helps to prevent moss and weed growth and resists stain penetration.


Above is an example of imprinted concrete we had cleaned and re-sealed.

Driveway cleaning in Didsbury

In Didsbury we have completed numerous driveway cleaning projects always with professional standards being at the forefront of our mission. We have a cleaning and restoration solution for all types of paving including: block paving, imprinted concrete, Indian stone, tarmac and decking too. Being based in Sale we are not far from Didsbury so don’t hesitate to get in touch for you driveway or patio cleaning requirements.

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