Indian Stone Restoration

Sale Exterior Cleaning specialise in the complete cleaning and restoration of natural stone patios and driveways. Be it Indian, York or Limestone we can totally bring your old worn paving back to life!

Does your natural stone paving have issues with black spot lichen?

If so we have the solution. After thoroughly cleaning your paving with our commercial grade pressure washer and fungicidal wash sometimes black spot lichen may still remain. This is due to these little algae related spores being extremely difficult to remove by any standard methods.

So we use a soft wash approach containing sodium hypochrorite which is the only known product that will either completely remove your black spots or at least greatly improve the infestation. The softwash is so good at removing moss, algae, lichens and dirt we could just apply this to your paving without the need to high pressure wash as the result will leave a much cleaner patio or driveway than before treatment.

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Does your natural stone have damaged pointing in the joints?

Sale Exterior Cleaning can replace any missing or loose mortar/pointing from your joints after cleaning is complete. We use a modern resin jointing compound which is a good alternative to a traditional sand/cement mix as it is far less likely to leave any staining around the joints. It sets very hard, certainly efficient enough for domestic pavings and can leave traces of beneficial water repellent resin on the stone slabs as it is brushed around. We can also relay any loose slabs that you have to a professional standard.

Would you like longer term protection from algae growth for your natural stone?

We offer eco-friendly weather resistant sealers for Indian, York and Limestone. Our sealers generally leave a matt finish as in our experience the “shiny” ones can discolour on natural stones as they find it hard to adhere properly. The sealers we use are specifically made for natural materials and to provide a water repellent effect making it much more difficult for algae and moss to grow. Alternatively to applying a sealer we can advise on which fungicidal washes to regularly apply for easy self maintenance.

So if you have a natural stone patio or driveway in need of a clean and maybe some black spot treatment or structural repairs please get in touch and we can provide you with a competitive quote.

We serve the Manchester and Cheshire areas. You can go to our contact page by clicking here.