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Roof Cleaning Cheshire this week

roof cleaning Wilmslow

This week in June 2019 we have succesfully cleaned and transformed 3 old, mossy roofs into fantastic looking roofs.

We initially washed the roof tiles down removing all moss and algae and then treated the roofs with our super concentrate fungicidal wash.

This treatment not only kills any spores of moss, algae and lichens but also helps them to stop coming back for a long time.

roof cleaning Wilmslow
roof cleaning Wilmslow

We don’t just clean roofs. As well as cleaning the roofs we also cleaned the driveway on two of the properties. Doing both together saves us a trip, so we pass those savings on to you. You will get an even more competitive rate if you includes paths and your patio.

We also did some driveway cleaning in Wilmslow on a large block paved area. Which meant we also re-sanded the blocks and then applied a sealant. This was done after the roof and we were able to start it halfway through the day after completing the roof.