Roof cleaning in Heaton Mersey and Heaton Moor

Roof cleaning in Heaton Mersey

Sale Exterior Cleaning have undertaken many roof cleaning projects in the Heaton areas of Stockport. The works involved washing the roof tiles at the correct pressure ensuring all moss, algae and dirt is removed whilst not affecting the tiles surface. Next a strong fungicidal wash is applied to rid the entire roof of any fungi spores.

roof cleaned20131216_111027

The difference after the cleaning of a mossy roof has been completed is amazing to see. On this particular job shown above we acquired a mini skip as there was so much moss. Apart from cleaning the roof we then check and replace all broken or missing tiles and re-point the ridges etc. where required.

Roof cleaning in Heaton Moor

We have completed numerous roof cleaning jobs around Heaton Moor awell as Heaton Mersey. A waterproof sealer is offered by ourselves to be applied onto your roof tiles after all cleaning and maintenance works have been finished. A clear sealant or coloured paint coatings are available to suit your needs. Both products are highly weatherproof thus preserving your tiles surface and inhibiting the growth of moss and algae. A 10 year manufacturers guarantee also comes with the coatings!

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