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Roof cleaning in Brooklands, Ashton and Partington

Roof cleaning in Brooklands

Sale Exterior happily provide fee no obligation quotes for roof cleaning in the Brooklands area of Sale. We have completed numerous roof cleaning jobs around Brooklands always leaving the customer very pleased. Our process involves cleaning the roof using a pressure washer with turbo lance designed for hard surfaces like roof tiles. After cleaning is complete we treat the roof with fungicidal wash to ensure all spores of moss and algae are removed leaving you with a very clean looking roof indeed.


This roof in Sale had an enormous amount of moss before cleaning and so a huge difference was made.

Roof cleaning in Ashton on Mersey

We also operate our restoration services around Ashton on Mersey part of Sale. After the cleaning process has been completed we then replace any broken/missing tiles and re-point the ridge tiles etc. where necessary. This is to ensure we leave all your tiles and cement works secure and in place.

roof cleaning and coating in Cheadle

Another roof we rejuvenated making it moss and algae free.

Roof cleaning in Partington

Being based in Sale we offer our roof cleaning service in nearby Partington. We always endeavor to provide people with a highly professional service from start to finish. This is how we get recommended which really helps us. After cleaning and maintenance works have been carried out on your roof we can apply a waterproof roof tile sealant. This is available in clear or coloured forms and provides long lasting protection from weathering and fungi growth. So please feel free to contact us for a no obligation roof cleaning quote on 0161 969 7222.

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