Roof Cleaning in Stockport, Cheadle and Bramhall

Sale Exterior Cleaning provides a profesional roof cleaning and moss removal service. This page features some example roof cleaning projects we have completed in Stockport, Cheadle and Bramhall. Our cleaning service for roofs includes power washing and then treating with quality fungicides and carrying out minor repairs to provide a long lasting moss free roof.

Roof Cleaning in Stockport

Roof coating in Stockport plus cleaning Most roofs in this area of Stockport have never been cleaned. This means rows upon rows of houses with a similar dull colour on their roofs. This roof cleaning project was carried out early spring 2013.

The first step was to make a safety risk assessment. Safety comes first when up on a roof. Our power washer operator put on his safety harness and then began to clean the roof tiles. This house is quite old and had never had a roof cleaning service performed. The tiles took some effort but we eventually managed to remove all traces of dirt, algae and moss.

The second stage was applying a fungicidal wash. This ensures that no fungi spores which were embedded below the surface survived. Finally we applied the roof coating. As you can see the colour difference compared to the neighbour’s house is amazing. The roof tiles now match the tiles underneath the window and above the porch. We also do driveway cleaning in Stockport and surrounding towns.

Roof Cleaning in Cheadle

roof cleaning and coating in Cheadle This old roof was covered in moss and algae. The tiles were very slippery and stained with years of dirt. Cheadle seems to have quite a few old houses which attract more moss than usual, so it was nice to see this roof looking much better.

We thoroughly pressure washed all of the tiles, then applied a fungicidal wash. Next we made some repairs. This includes replacing a few cracked tiles and re-pointing where required. When any tiles come loose, we re-fix them properly.

The final step was to coat this roof in Cheadle using a high quality sealant. The reason we always encourage a sealant is to protect the roof tiles for many years to come. Our sealant stops water from penetrating the tiles and makes the surface less porous. This means that dirt, grime, moss and algae runs off easier. We used a clear sealant on this roof and the finished result was a roof which almost looked new again.

Roof Cleaning in Bramhall

Bramhall roof coating and cleaningThis roof cleaning and roof coating project in Bramhall was completed early summer 2013. We work all through the year and the only time we cannot clean roofs is when it is icy.

As always we spent a while assembling the safety equipment at this Bramhall job. Then we pressure washed the area with the correct pressure of water. These grey tiles were covered in stains from bird muck, moss and general dirt and grime. Our pressure washer made light work of these issues and we were soon onto the next stage; applying the fungicidal wash.

The next morning we returned to apply our roof sealer. This sealant offers excellent, long lasting protection from frost by adding an active binding. It helps water to run off faster which helps to prevent stains and moss from sticking to the surface in future enhancing your roof cleaning!

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